Saturday, 5 November 2011

new life's of me dayang deeana

haii :)) . notice something?? keyy , i really need to delete all that . i dont want to letting me hurt myself . i notice u capital H really happy right now. i know that u had forget about me. i ready to step out of ur life. thanks for everything . even its hard i will and want to forget u and our love story. it just that , if we have fate after this . i beleive of god power. but , act . i dont too hope for that .yet , i really love u and will be behind u without u notice me .

thats my name , hehe . thats it , no sad story . hate that . i just want to live my life .all i done , my room , my facebook , lappy , i really change all of that . act i dont want to cry over again and again . it is really useless . love after this , i will stay single forever . i hate to be hurt anymore . i will just stay solo watching him happy with his life .hahaha , enough said !! . me , with new life . but old love story , hahahahahahahahaha .

thanks for visting stalker

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