Friday, 25 November 2011

tentang cinta dn dia (si lelaki)

hayy :))
storry hari nie nk cerita psal this 3 words I LOVE YOU.
the first quest in my mind.
of coz i dont know the answer.who can answer this for me ???
act.i'm single more than 1 months now.
he the one i love.gone :(.
and should i be sad???
now i said i love him.
but soon.maybe i said i love u.
so thats y this is call "CINTA MONYET"
if this is call that such things.y'?? everytime my heart must crying ??
okeyy.forget about about this boy.MUHD HAFIZ.
he's forteen.FYI younger 1 years than me.
he's said he love me.
is'it true????
sorry MUHD HAFIZ..
is hard for me to believe boys now..
but.act,boys that i had couple before this that younger 1 years than me.never put me down.i'm the one who put them down.
talk about I LOVE YOU.
EEYA suka apiz ke??
EEYA sayang apiz ke??
talk about that.
EEYA ada perasaan cemburu bila apiz comment2 dgan girls.then,masha ade no apis then,diorang texting,then apiz jadi adik agkat masha.actelyy,EEYA jealous.then,apiz always make me laugh.make me smilee.
is this the YES for my questions ???????
onlyy myy heart can answer me answer you .
is it my heart ready to accept new boys after him ????
but,i need to go on with my life.
hadapi smuernye dgan gembira.
please no more tears.i HATE it so much.
now.just follow the flow ...
to MUHD HAFIZ : thankss for make me smile each dayy,thankss to love me,thankss to like me.thankss for eveything,but please i dont want to thankss you for hurting my heart..

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