Monday, 25 February 2013

I dont know .

Assalamualaikum , .......
please do not leave your parents behind because of love
please do not leave you study behind because of love
because they will never leave you , they will never hurt you ,
but , many does that , many of us leave them whom never want and will hurt you ,
because of what , LOVE , whats wrong with love ,
why is it so powerful , can be effected so much in life
why love must be exist , why when we was in highschool ,
when we are struggling to suceed
to achieve our goal , good result
hmm , why ?

Ya Allah , If I hurt somebody , Please give me strength to apologise ,
Ya Allah , I need You , Please guide me to your Jannah ,
Ya Allah , dont let me astray cause I need You
I need You by my side , throughout my life .

jangan memilih seseorg krna sifatnya , krana , akan ada org yg mnyerupai sifatnya ttpi lebih kcaknya akan hadir dlm hidup awak , saat ini , ini dugaan untk awak , adkah awak btul-2 memilih sifatnya brbanding rupanya ?

Ya Allah , i need you to guide me , i need you to give me strength , to give me what i need to do now :-')